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What is MailEngine Review and why is it important.


There aren’t many tools that are an absolute necessity for internet marketing, but having an autoresponder is one of them.


Otherwise it’s impossible to connect to our audience – we need to have a tool to mass email our subscribers.


For this we need to have an autoresponder, and that’s what MailEngine Review is.

There are two types of autoresponders – the first one is managed, whereby the autoresponder company sends to email from their server using their IP and reputation.

The second one is called self-hosted, and it means that we send the mass emails from our server rather than someone else’s – and that’s what MailEngine Review is.

There’s two benefits to this :

  • It’s a lot cheaper – for example I’m paying in the region of $150 a month to my autoresponder company Aweber. They also charge me by how many email addresses I have on the system. With MailEngine Review there is a modest one time fee
  • One of the problems with managed autoresponders is the fact that you share your reputation with many others. So for example if someone else using the system decided to mail for p*** or gambling offers, this can affect the reputation of all the other customers on that system.


When you self host you can be in charge of that reputation and what content you are mailing for, which means that done correctly your deliverability should be higher.

Full Disclosure – self hosted systems such as MailEngine Review require something that’s called an SMTP server. This isn’t hard to set up, but it does add an additional cost of $10 to $20 a month, depending on what server type you use.


Nevertheless I still think that the benefits of having a self hosted autoresponder far outweigh the disadvantages, and I’m in the process of moving to one myself.


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